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Cretan Experiences

Sun & SeaSun & Sea

Hundreds upon hundreds of miles of coastline, sculpted by salt, the ferocious sea waves and the erosive force of the wind. Crystal clear waters that leave no part of the blue and green color palettes unexploited. Steep and proud mountains that rise violently and abruptly above the sea; this is the exact scene that accompanies Crete from one end to the other. To be more precise, Crete’s coastline has an impressive length of 1,046 km, with places both very popular and well organized with many visitor facilities, but also with spots that are secluded, scenic and pristine.

The majority of the hospitable and well organized beaches, where the big tourist resorts lie, are situated in the north coast of the island, just like our maisonette. They offer a wide range of leisure and security services, such as cafes, bars with music and drinks and, of course, the comforting presence of lifeguards.

For instance, a few miles to the west from Cyan Residence you will find Bali beach. Although coincidental, the naming resemblance to the famous paradise destination of Indonesia does not seem so random upon second thought! Consisting of 4 separate beaches, both with pebbles and sand, its deep waters and the surrounding natural caves, sculpted by the waves, will not leave your eyes unpleased. On the other hand, heading now to the east of our maisonette, we can find equivalently majestic places. The Vai beach, one of the most important attractions of the island as a whole, features the largest natural palm forest in Europe, with palms almost reaching the water. A bit closer to Mades, you can also visit the beautiful beach of Kolokytha that is located on a small island, just opposite the rocky islet of Spinaloga the former home of the lepers and the setting of the famous Victoria Hislop novel ‘The Island’.

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    Agia Pelagia

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    Agios Pavlos

  • Chryssi Island

    Chryssi Island

On the contrary, the more romantic and adventure-loving visitors will love the southern coast of the island. Driving on serpentine roads on the edge of steep slopes, hiking on ancient shepherd paths along the mountain lines and crossing wild gorges, overgrown with vegetation, will most likely result in the satisfaction of the discovery of a virgin small bay. Agios Pavlos beach, for instance, with its trademark steep dunes and the unique colorful rock folds, a true wonder of geology, will offer you peace of mind and relaxation. Another imposing creation of nature can be found at Agiofaraggo beach, reachable only by hiking through an impressive narrow gorge. For a more serene summer setting, you can visit the Chrysi island, just a few miles by a boat from Ierapetra. The word Chrysi means ‘golden’ in Greek, and for good reason, given the omnipresent golden sand beaches of the island that gives it a taste resembling more the tropical zone, rather than the Mediterranean.